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age of taurus


I am totally going to sew a pair of sequin scaled leggings and at the bottom, they will have MERMAID FINS so when you put your feet together it looks like your a mermaid.

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Send me asks ill be online updating my ques all day :)

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FROM THE VAULT 016. Malgosia Bela, Self Service N°32, S/S 2010.

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Photographer: Juliet Labdien - Labdiën Photography
Stylist/Makeup/Model: Dolly Lamour
Designer: Sara Costantini

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favourite outfit of hers ever

Love the deer hide bag

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Bling it all outttt

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsy find of the day 4 | 4.11.14

graphic sheer-sleeved loose tee by unfoldfold

though several colorblocked versions are available, i’m partial to the pictured sheer-sleeve version of this beautiful and unique tee by unfoldfold. romantic & enchanting.


Obsessed with my new skirt😍

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باربي الفرنسية

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